The Pavlok is a wristband similar in size to a Fitbit that delivers a 340 volt electric shock anytime you perform the bad habit you’re trying to break. The shock is not painful but is certainly an uncomfortable experience. In just a few days your mind will associate the unpleasant shock with the bad habit and you’ll unconsciously avoid the behavior and lose your craving for it. The device can also vibrate or beep if you want a gentler reminder. Pavlok can sense the movement of your hands and automatically deliver the shock, or you can self administer the shock by pressing a button – which is just as effective at breaking unwanted habits.

One of the most memorable products was the Pavlok. Kevin O'Leary made an offer, despite it's quirky idea help people rid of bad habits by electronically shocking someone. Maneesh Sethi basically said "I want to work with anyone but Mr. Wonderful." In the end, O'Leary called him an a**hole and told him to "Get the f--- out of here."

Tension in the Tank - Shark Tank01:44

Tension in the Tank - Shark Tank


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